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CFP closed

The CFP closed on May 7, 2017 at 11:00pm BST

Thank you for all submitted proposals!

CFP Stats

15 proposals

The call for proposals for the third annual EmberCamp London is now open!

Join us as a speaker alongside local luminaries (like you!) and visiting core team members. This fun and productive miniConf takes place on July 11 in the heart of London.

We'll gladly consider a wide variety of talks on Ember-related topics. Here's a
short list of possibilities to inspire you:

-- Libraries or frameworks
-- Tutorials
-- Community
-- Experiences from production use
-- Best practices
-- Systems programming
-- Taking Ember to new places (embedded devices, FFI)
-- New Glimmer projects

The CFP will be open from Monday, April 10 through Sunday, May 7,
2017. We'll be sending feedback in rounds, before our final talk selection, so
you'll have more opportunity to polish if you submit early.

Initial reviews and feedback in our CFP system are blind to author details. To
respect this process, please refrain from including biographical information in
your talk abstract or details. Note that this also means if you receive any
feedback, the reviewers don't know who you are. Again, refrain from identifying yourself (or any existing relationships with the reviewer) in any exchanges as part of this process.

Talks will be 30 minutes total; if you'd like time to take questions, plan for a
25 minute talk followed by questions.

If your talk is chosen you'll receive a free pass to attend the conference
(we'll refund already-purchased tickets so don't wait; tickets are very likely
to sell out!), and an invitation to a fabulous speaker dinner to meet your fellow speakers and pregame.

EmberCamp is intended to be an inclusive, welcoming conference for everyone. Our Code of Conduct can be found here.

If you or your employer might be able to help sponsor EmberCamp, please get in touch. Every little bit helps!